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2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sociology/Anthropology Department

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Sociology is the scientific study of human society and social life. The discipline studies the social causes and consequences of human behavior. In more practical language, sociology concerns itself with the institutional patterns of social life and social problems. By being aware of the social environment in which humans interact with each other, the study of sociology will develop an awareness of how social forces influence behavior and how humans, through their collective action, respond to social problems, and social change.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology is a good choice if you are interested in working with people in counseling, social or public service, personnel, managerial or administrative positions. Careers in sociology, law, counseling, and ministry are possible with graduate training. Many of our students participate in our intern program where you may choose from existing positions or create one specific to your interests.

Sociology and Anthropology Features

Majors have the opportunity to fashion their individual programs around special interests which build on a core curriculum. For example, concentrations in gerontology, culture and social change, human relations, family and marriage, social problems, and social institutions and organizations are possible.

Minors are offered in anthropology and sociology. For details about the requirements of these programs, contact the sociology and anthropology department.

Anthropology students will emphasize the holistic study of humankind from a cross-cultural perspective. An appreciation of human diversity leads to a greater awareness of the common concerns and interests of people in many different societies. Courses in anthropology provide an exposure to the major areas of cultural anthropology, human paleontology and archaeology.

Sociology and Anthropology Career Opportunities

Because sociology is the scientific study of social relationships, it is ideal preparation for many professions and careers: law, business, government and all its related fields, personnel work, family and marriage counseling, any career in which human interaction is important.

The anthropology minor combines well with almost any major. Students have found it to be valuable in preparation for careers in international business, counseling, government, and research. Cross-cultural interaction is increasingly common, both within our diverse American population and with people abroad. Anthropology is a field designed to make such human interaction easier and more successful.





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