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2019-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Human Communication Studies Department

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The Department if Human Communication Studies offers an undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Both the major and minor in Human Communication Studies attempt to maximize a bank of communication skills and their theoretical bases, which are applicable to career goals and private lives.  These skills include, but are not limited to, effective listening, interpersonal dynamics, group dynamics, critical analysis, persuasion, conflict management and resoultion, and message construction and delivery, noth orally and in writing.  An emphasis on the ethical use if communication and the cultural dimensions, both of which are fundamental to effective human communicative strategies, are key to each course offered.  Careful consideration is given to both the implication of human communication theories and the application of practical skill sets.

Majors:  Must complete a total of 36 credits in the discipline.  A core of 21 credits is requried then the students select 15 credits of electives within the department.

Minors:  Musto complete a total of 18 credits in the discipline.  A core of 6 credits is required and then students select 12 credits of electives within the department.


Human Communication Studies Features

A personalized advisement procedure encourages students to make provate appointments with advisors as necessary.  These advising contacts help facilitate student choices, which ensure a timely approach to course selection and graduation goals.  The advisement, while important to academic progrssion, is also fundamental to student preparation for careers.

Internships are an optional part of the Human COmmunication Studies program.  They are tailored to the career plans of each student and provide access to those already working in those fields.  In order to qualify for an internship, students must meet specified criteria and apply, formally, through their advisor.


Human Communication Studies Career Opportunities

Human Communication Studies majors are prepared to enter virtually any field which requires communicative contact, in either spoken or written form.  Recent graduates work in all aspects of sales, marketing, advertising, radio/television broadcast, public relations, human resources, and higher education.  Many go on to continue their graduate studies.

Advisors encourage students to select and study in a minor area of concentration.  Some good fits include business management, communications/journalism, elementary education, social work, and political science.  The options are essentially limitless.  The selection of minors advance career preparation in specific areas and reinforce student credentials for application to graduate study.




      Human Communication Studies

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