May 30, 2023  
2021-2023 - Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2023 - Undergraduate Catalog

Communication, Journalism & Media, Visual Media Concentration, B.S.

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The visual media concentration is designed to prepare students for careers in photography, photojournalism, documentary storytelling, magazine design and web and social media design. Visual media are the foundation in today’s world of digital communication, and provide a way to share information with diverse audiences. The concentration focuses on building skills and techniques needed for creative and entrepreneurial careers, as well as exploring visual literacy so students understand the impact of the visual content they create. Students are introduced to basic digital photographic techniques; advanced photographic techniques, including HDR photography and lighting and studio techniques for fashion and product photography; concepts and techniques of documentary storytelling; effective web and social media design; and creative publication design, including magazines and other print media. Using industry-standard software and technology, students take and edit photographs for a variety of applications, record and edit video for documentaries, design and build websites and social media platforms, and design and layout magazines and other publications.

48 crs.

All students must complete 48 credits in the major to qualify for graduation. The major consists of five core courses (15 credits), four courses in a professional concentration (12 credits), and seven elective courses (21 credits).

COM 445 & Professional Practicum

All majors are required to complete three semesters of practical experience in one of the four student media organizations (PRSSA, SUTV, The Slate or WSYC) advised by the department as outlined below:

  • Students will be required upon acceptance into the major to sign a form committing them to working in a student media organization for one semester by the end of their second year, a second semester by the end of their third year, and a third semester by the end of their first semester of their last year.
  • Students who will be enrolled in COM 445 their senior year must have proven experience working for a student media organization and produced documentation that they fulfilled the obligation as well as examples of the work that they produced. Faculty academic advisers will meet during scheduling advising to ensure that students are meeting the commitment and coordinate with the faculty who serve as student media organization advisers to guide students.
  • This will provide flexibility for students who wish to explore and gain experience with different media. Students who have not completed their student media practical experience in their sophomore or junior years and have not progressed in producing tangible materials for a professional portfolio will not be permitted to schedule COM 445 until they have completed the practical experience. Transfer students who join the major as juniors will be required to perform three semesters of practical experience in their junior and senior years in order to schedule COM 445.

Elective Courses (21 crs.)

All students must select seven (7) elective courses, three (3) of which must be at the 300/400 level, to complete the major.


COM 395  and COM 396  may be scheduled through the department secretary by qualified juniors/seniors who have a 2.5 QPA and who have written approval from the department’s internship coordinator.  Only 6 credits of internship count towards the major; additional internship credits available only by departmental permission.

Foreign Language Requirement

All students in the Communication, Journalism & Media major, all concentrations, are required to attain proficiency in a foreign language. Proficiency may be satisfied by completing a language class at the 103 (intermediate) level or three years of any one foreign language in high school. Students may also meet this requirement through AP testing or CLEP testing.

General Education

General Education Requirements


General Education Specific for this Major

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