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2023-2025 - Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2025 - Undergraduate Catalog

Computer Engineering, B.S.

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Computer Engineering is a branch of engineering that combines software and electrical engineering to develop computer systems. Computer engineers are involved in the hardware development process, designing and building hardware systems; and they are involved in the software process, designing and building the operating systems and applications programs for those systems. These skills are vital for today’s pervasive computing environment, where we are surrounded by systems built from discrete components, microcontrollers, embedded Systems-On-a-Chip, and reconfigurable logic devices.

The curriculum is designed to be a four-year, 120-credit-hour engineering program. The curriculum meets or exceeds national Computer Engineering academic standards. Generally, the curriculum requires 20 credits of computer engineering, 12 credits of computer science, 8 credits of elective/internship credit, 23 credits of mathematics, 20 credits of physics and engineering, and 39 credits of general education and basic science.

Students will learn how to program machines in a variety of languages, including C, Java, and Assembly languages; they will use CAD tools to design, build, and test printed circuit boards with microcontrollers, write software for their board, and integrate into existing systems; they will develop software for System-On-a-Chip systems using embedded operating systems and applications frameworks, they will build applications for mobile phones, and they will implement common algorithms on Digital Signals Processors; and they will use EDA tools to program reconfigurable FPGA devices for high-performance applications. Throughout this work, students will use sound engineering practices to guide their development processes.

Engineering Electives (6 crs.)

  • 6 credits of CMPE, ELEC, ENGR, or SWE courses at 300 level or higher

Computer Engineering Tracks (14-16 crs.)

Students must complete two of the following tracks:

General Education

General Education Requirements


General Education Requirements Specific for this major

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