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2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sociology, B.A.

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All students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree are required to attain proficiency in a foreign language. Proficiency may be satisfied by completing a language class at the 103 (intermediate) level or three years of any one foreign language in high school. Students may also meet this requirement through AP or CLEP testing.

(36 crs.)


Students must earn a C or better in each required core course. Students who receive a D or F in these classes may repeat them in accordance with university policy.

Sociology Electives - 15 crs.

This may include an internship in sociology, which is highly recommended.

Allied Fields

Arts and sciences students majoring in sociology must take the following courses in allied fields. All of these may be taken as general education.

Free Electives

Free electives are to be taken in appropriate fields with advisement. They may be utilized to pursue various special interest areas in sociology (see below) or to develop the equivalent of a minor or a second concentration. Language or research tools may be alternative recommendations.

Internships in sociology are highly recommended and may be taken for a total of 9 credits of which 6 credits can be applied to the major.

Sociology courses may be grouped into special interest areas to give students more depth in a particular subfield of sociology. Courses taken as part of the general education and allied fields requirements may also reinforce particular interest groupings within sociology. Possible special interest areas and examples of supporting courses follow:


Students should refer to the sociology Course Descriptions  in the catalog for other courses which may apply to their special interest areas.

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