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2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied Physics, B.S.

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The Applied Physics program is pursued by roughly half of the physics majors. It results in a dual Physics-Engineering degree, and it is controlled by 3+2 agreements between the Shippensburg Physics Department and several engineering schools. According to these agreements, students spend three years at Shippensburg University's Physics Department, completing 98 credits, and then proceed to complete their studies in two years at one of the participating engineering programs (most notably Penn State University or here at Shippensburg). After successfully completing the program students earn both an Applied Physics B.S. from Shippensburg and a B.S. in engineering from the school they transferred to (or a double major at Shippensburg). The Shippensburg physics credits consist of the Physics Core, required courses in allied fields (chemistry, computer science and mathematics) as well as general education courses.

The 3+2 program, fairly common in physics departments across the nation offer several advantages:

  • By virtue of the agreement a student in a 3+2 program is guaranteed admission with junior standing into the engineering school chosen, provided that this student maintains, while at Shippensburg, a specified QPA which varies with engineering schools and disciplines. We notice, however, that engineering schools can occasionally put restrictions on the availability of seats, due to enrollment restrictions in some of their engineering disciplines.
  • Due to their solid scientific background, students typically do very well after transferring to their engineering discipline.
  • Students profit for three years of the small class size and careful faculty guidance that Shippensburg is known for.

Degree Requirements (98 crs.):

Students in the Applied Physics program must complete their Shippensburg requirements in three years. These consist of the following courses:

General Education requirements (36 crs.)

The Physics Core (55 crs.)


See note at the end of the Core Courses description

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