Dec 01, 2021  
2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

French with Secondary Certification, B.A.

All courses required for the French major are taught in French. Courses numbered below French 200 do not count for the major. Professional Education courses offered by other departments are taught in English.  This program is nationally recognized by ACTFL/NCATE.


All students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree are required to attain proficiency in a foreign language. Proficiency may be satisfied by completing a language class at the 103 (intermediate) level or three years of any one foreign language in high school. Students may also meet this requirement through AP or CLEP testing.


French majors and minors are strongly urged to take history, political science, and geography courses that deal with French-speaking countries.


Students seeking certification in secondary education must also complete 1 writing course (ENG 114  or ENG 115  ), 1 literature course (ENG 190  , ENG 243  , ENG 248  , or ENG 250  ), and 2 math courses (except MAT 185  ). If any exceptions are made, they must be approved by the Teacher Education Office. Other requirements for teacher certification are available from the Department of Modern Languages.

Dual Certification French and Another Field

Students planning to teach will find it to their advantage to work for dual certification in two modern languages, a modern language and English, or a modern language and another field. To achieve dual certification a student must have the approval of both departments involved, complete the normal requirements for a major in the primary area of interest and a 30-hour sequence in the secondary area of specialization, plus appropriate courses in the methodology and student teaching in both areas.