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2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physics, B.S.

The Physics B.S. offers the following concentrations:

  1. Advanced Physics: Designed for students planning to go on to graduate school in physics. The concentration provides a solid and rigorous grounding in physics and will prepare the students well for the advanced physics GRE test, as well as graduate school studies.
  2. Computational: Offers a solid grounding in physics through the physics core, and develops computational skills applicable to all scientific fields. These skills are developed through a computational physics course and courses in computer science. Students following this concentration can also complete a minor in computer science by taking one extra computer science course after fulfilling the concentration requirements. This concentration prepares students well for the job market by offering applicable skills as well as experience through its project or internship requirement.

120 crs.

General Education requirements (36 crs.)

Physics Core (55 crs.)

Additional courses (29 crs.)

Physics electives**9 cr (at least 3 courses at or above 300 level)

General electives

20 hours of general electives including at least 12 hours at the 300 level or higher. A minor in another discipline is strongly encouraged. See note at the end of the Core Curriculum description.