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2018-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



Governing Boards State System of Higher Education

Board of Governors

Frank T. Brogan, M.Ed., Ex Officio Chancellor, Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education Harrisburg
Cynthia D. Shapira, Chair Pittsburgh
David M. Maser, Vice Chair Philadelphia
Aaron A. Walton, Vice Chair Allison Park
Sen. Ryan P. Aument Landisville
Rep. Matthew E. Baker Wellsboro
Audrey F. Bronson Philadelphia
Rep. Michael K. Hanna Lock Haven
Ronald G. Henry Bryn Mawr
Jonathan B. Mack Indiana
Daniel P. Mauser Shavertown
Guido M. Pichini Wyomissing
Pedro A. Rivera, Secretary of Education Harrisburg
Sen. Judy Schwank Reading
Harold C. Shields Allison Park
Gov. Tom Wolf Harrisburg
Sarah Galbally, Designee for Gov. Wolf  

Council of Trustees

B. Michael Schaul, Chair Harrisburg
Debra D. Gentzler, Vice Chair Thomasville
S. Eugene Herritt, Secretary Shippensburg
Dennis M. Castelli Chambersburg
Thomas J. Dunn Washington, D.C.
William A. Gindlesperger Chambersburg
Charles C. Goodhart Shippensburg
Glenn R. Grell Mechanicsburg
Stephanie Madara, Student Nazareth
Andrew M. Paris Dillsburg
Kenneth R. Shoemaker North Myrtle Beach, SC
Frank T. Brogan, Ex Officio Harrisburg

Administrative Offices and Associates

As of July 2016

President’s Office

George F. (Jody) Harpster, Ph.D., President

Robin M. Maun, Executive Assistant to the President

Scott D. Brown, B.S., Administrative Assistant/Special Events Coordinator

Joy L. Arnold, Secretary to the President

External and University Relations

(Vacant), Executive Vice President, External Affairs and University Relations

Leslie Folmer Clinton, Ed.D., Associate Vice President for External Affairs, Alumni Relations and Marketing, and Director, H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center

Melinda K. Bender, Administrative Assistant, Conference Services

Mark D. Bodenhorn, B.A., Director of Marketing and Administrative Services, H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center

Robin A. Dolbin, B.S., Ticket Services and Sales Manager, H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center

Randal P. Hammond, B.S.B.A., Director, Conference Services

Jill R. Heberlig, Clerk Typist, H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center

Pamela V. Kammerer, B.S.B.A., Director of Conference Center and Marketing

Robert M. Shirk, Director of Technical Services, H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center

Daniel J. Stine, Assistant Director of Technical Services, H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center

Debra A. Taylor, B.S., Front House Manager, H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center

(Vacant), Director, University Communications/Marketing

William J. Morgal, M.S., Director, Sports Information

Laura J. Ludlam, B.A., Director, Marketing/Advertising

Donna M. Jones, Desktop Design Coordinator

Elizabeth A. Kemmery, M.A., Assistant Director of Publications and University Editor

Jessica S. Kline, B.A., Publications Assistant

Cindy L. Ryder, B.A., Clerk Typist

Michelle R. Lane, M.A., Web Content Writer

William J. Smith, University Photographer

Joseph E. Amsler, Duplicating Supervisor

Joe A. Bingham, Lithographic Press Operator

Crystal L. Stiteley, Printing and Duplicating Assistant

(Vacant), Director, University Relations

Lorie A. Davis, M.S., Assistant Director, Alumni Career Services

Lori R. Smith, M.S., Assistant Director, Alumni Outreach/Data Management

(Vacant), Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement/Events

Stephanie J. Swanger, Clerk Typist

(Vacant), Clerk Typist

Academic Affairs

Barbara G. Lyman, Ph.D., Provost and Executive Vice President

Brian J. Johnson, B.S.B.A., Executive Assistant to Provost

Dynel L. Miracle, Administrative Assistant

Brenda L. Stump, Clerk Typist

Heather Wadas, M.A., Clerk Typist

Tracy A. Schoolcraft, Ph.D., Associate Provost/Dean of Graduate Studies

Carolyn M. Callaghan, D.Ed., Acting Dean, Office of Professional, Continuing, and Distance Education Studies

Kristen E. Nickey Boles, M.S., Interim Assistant Dean

Sherry L. Dinsmore, Administrative Assistant

CJ Ezell, B.S., WEDnet PA Partner/Non-Credit Programming

Kristin L. Lovett, B.A., Director of Communications

Cathy J. McHenry, Administrative Assistant

Stephanie M. Pfister, M.P.A., Compliance and Training Coordinator

Christopher A. Wonders, M.P.A., Director, Institute for Public Service and Sponsored Programs

Pamela S. Bucher, B.S., Clerk Typist

Cecil E. Howard, J.D., Executive Director, Social Equity and Title IX Coordinator

Vicky J. Tosten, Clerk Typist

Kim M. Klein, Ph.D., Director, Honors Program

Cindy M. Poe, Secretary

Mark E. Pilgrim, M.Ed., Director, Institutional Research and Planning

Stephanie A. Eagle, M.S., Assistant Director

Steven M. Bucher, M.B.A., Descriptive Statistician

Teresa L. Crider, Management Technician

Robert Tomassini, M.S., Director, Center for Juvenile Justice Training and Research

Sherry K. Varner, Clerk Typist

Susan Blackburn, M.S., Juvenile Court Policy and Program Development Specialist

Monica S. Iskric, Clerk Typist

Seth W. Bloomquist, M.S., Director, Secure Detention Monitoring

Marlene J. Benedict, Data Analyst

Kelly J. Waltman-Spreha, M.S., Director, Training and Graduate Education

Chris A. Heberlig, Program/Technology Development Specialist

(Vacant), Director, Juvenile Justice Information and Technology

Rebecca Anderson, M.S., Information Technology Generalist

James Stewart, Information Technology Generalist

Lanette J. Hutchison, B.S.W., Analyst Supervisor

Julie U. Byers, Clerk Typist

Robert D. Diehl, B.S., Data Analyst

Linda K. Miller, Data Analyst

Donna L. Reasner, Data Analyst

Nancy E. Witter, Data Analyst

Steve R. Varner, Information Technology Generalist Administrator

Heather Armstrong-Shughart, B.S.B.A., Information Technology Generalist

Sharon K. Chamberlin, Information Technology Generalist

Susan H. Conner, B.S., Application Developer

Barbara A. Mull, B.S., Information Technology Generalist

Christy L. Nailor, Information Technology Technician Generalist

Timothy R. Wright, B.A., Information Technology Generalist

Michael Tan, Senior Application Developer

Randy E. Fisher, M.S., Application Developer

Tyler Tomlinson, B.S.B.A., Application Developer

Jarrett Voight, V.A., Application Developer

Enrollment Management, Technology, and Library Services

Rick E. Ruth, Ph.D., Vice President, Technology and Library Services

Jennifer R. Hahn, M.S., Administrative Assistant

Dennis H. Mathes, Ed.D., Associate Vice President, Technology and Library Services and Dean of Library and Academic Technology Support Services

Colleen A. Alleman, Technology Support Services Specialist

(Vacant), Secretary

(Vacant), Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

William H. Washabaugh, M.S., Acting Director of Admissions

(Vacant), Assistant Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Lauren A. Wilkes, B.S.Ed., Graduate Admissions Counselor

Joseph A. Luna III, B.S.B.A., Assistant Director of Admissions

Jeremy R. Miller, M.S., Assistant Director of Admissions

Damian Morales, M.S., Assistant Director of Admissions/Transfer Articulation Coordinator

(Vacant), Assistant Director of Admissions

Shawn D. Wiley, M.S., Assistant Dean of Admissions/Multicultural Recruitment Coordinator

(Vacant), Assistant Director of Admissions

(Vacant), Admissions Recruiter

Katrina M. Eady, M.S., GEAR-UP Regional Program Manager

Sueann R. Johnson, Clerical Supervisor

Jennifer A. Caudill, Data Analyst

Donna R. Heisey, Data Analyst

Carole A. Rosenberry, Data Analyst

Lori J. Arnold, Clerk Typist

Kimberly C. Greenawalt, Clerk Typist

Susan Lee, Clerk Typist

Cathy J. Sprenger, M.S., Registrar

Corinne N. Goyt, M.B.A., Associate Registrar

Tara L. Richardson, B.A., Assistant Registrar

Kelly J. Ile, Administrative Assistant

Debra K. Gutshall, Clerical Supervisor

Donald Browder, Clerk Typist

Bradley M. Nailor, B.A., Data Analyst

(Vacant), Clerk Typist

(Vacant), Report Writer/Tech Specialist

Trina M. Snyder, M.S., Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships

(Vacant), Senior Associate Director

Rachel D. Richards, B.S., Associate Director

Eric A. Dinsmore, M.B.A., Associate Director

Melinda R. Kasper, B.S., Financial Aid Advisor

Kimberly A. Kell, Administrative Assistant

Karen M. Gensler, Clerk Typist

Tammy J. Owen, Clerk Typist

Michelle T. Foreman, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Director of Libraries

Sara Pike, M.L.S., Technical Services and Systems Manager

Teresa M. Strayer, Library Technician, Collection Management and Public Services

Karen J. Thomas, Library Technician, Collection Management

Cindy L. Zeger, Library Technician, Collection Management and Library Support

Nicole D. Zinn, Library Technician, Collection Management

Mary A. Mowery, M.S., Library Technician, Access Services Supervisor

Susan E. Hockenberry, Library Assistant, Circulation and Reserves

Diane M. Kalathas, Library Assistant, Interlibrary Loan

Laurie J. Smith, Library Assistant, Luhrs Library

Kirk A. Moll, D.Ed., Department Chair, Research Coordinator and Public Services Librarian

Denise E. Wietry, A.A., Library Assistant, Public Services

Chantana Charoenpanitkul, M.A.L.S., M.A., Advocacy, Outreach, and Events Librarian

Christy M. Fic, M.L.I.S., Archives and Special Collections Librarian

Melanie A. Reed, Library Technician, Archives and Special Collections

Aaron W. Dobbs, M.S.L.S., M.S.M., Scholarly Communications, e-Resources Development, and Web Librarian

Ashley N. Esposito, M.L.S., M.A., Collection Development and Assessment Librarian

Elizabeth W. Orseno, M.Ed., Luhrs Librarian

Marguerite Savidakis-Dunn, M.S., B.S., STEM Librarian

Michael B. Yoh, M.S., Director, Media Services

Scott T. Donald, B.S., Information Technology Technician

Daniel A. Rebert, M.S., Remote Support/Videoconferencing Specialist

Michael D. Gardner, M.S., Director, Broadcasting

Jeffrey A. Hollinshead, Electronic Systems Broadcast Technician

Greg A. Day, M.S., Director, Academic Technology Support Services

Jamie T. Rhine, M.B.A., Assistant Director, Technology Support Services & Systems Manager

Timothy C. Boyum, Computer Science Systems Administrator

(Vacant), Tech Fee Support Specialist

Jonathan D. Groft, B.S., Technology Support and Network Manager

Misty D. Gruver, M.S., Learning Management and Tech Fee Manager

Jim A. Schaeffer, M.S., Desktop/Remote Support Specialist

Timothy R. Texter, B.S., Desktop/Remote Support Specialist

Kim W. Walk, B.S.B.A., Desktop Support Technician

Justin A. Sentz, M.S., M.B.A., Director, Instructional Design and Web Technologies

Scott P. Gallagher, M.A., Instructional Design Specialist

Ryan R. Kudasik, M.S., Instructional Design Specialist

Kyle Kurutz, B.S., Web Content Developer

Mira Mattern, M.S., Web Designer

Amy B. Diehl, Ph.D., Associate Vice President and Director of Systems & Applications

Ravi C. Anne, M.S., Associate Director for Applications

Derek A. Cohenour, B.S., Applications Administrator

Dana R. Denlinger, B.S., Applications and Microsoft Systems Manager

Michael R. Dorshimer, B.S., Network Administrator

Erik J. Forsman, B.S., Applications Administrator

Patrick J. Flanagan, B.S., KLN Applications Administrator

Chad W. Kegerreis, B.A., Microsoft Systems Administrator

Josiah D. Knoll, KLN Junior Unix Systems Administrator

Joshua W. McMillen, Junior Unix Systems Administrator

William H. Pooler, M.S., Systems Administration Manager and KLN Hub Administrator

William P. Renn, B.S., Applications Developer

Andrea H. Rosenberry, M.S., Applications Manager

Todd C. Ditzler, B.S., Applications Software and Database Administrator

John R. VandeBrake, M.B.A., Senior Project Manager

David H. Wolfe, B.A., Developer Analyst

(Vacant), Applications Administrator

Michael F. Bonafair, B.S.B.A., Director, Telecommunications

Benjamin J. Ocker, Telecom and Network Administrator

Darlene J. Price, Switchboard Operator

School of Academic Programs and Services

Sarah E. Stokely, Ph.D., Dean of Academic Engagement and Student Support

Denise S. Yarwood, M.S., Interim Assistant Dean

Melissa C. Murphy, M.S., Director, Testing Center

Terry A. Conyers, Administrative Assistant

Brandy J. Linn, Clerk Typist

Sherry A. Hillyard, M.Ed., Director, Disability Services

Kerry Harbst, M.S., Assistant Director

Felicia L. Shearer, M.A., Early Alert Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor

Stephen O. Wallace, Ph.D., Coordinator, Developmental Education and Advising Development

Sabrina I. Marschall, Ph.D., Director, Learning Center

Karen G. Johnson, Ed.D., Director, Writing Studio

Zachary Grabosky, M.A., Tutorial Coordinator/Learning Specialist

Jaime R. Juarez, M.S., Learning Specialist

Cindy D. Murray, M.S. Learning Specialist

Kelly B. Miner, Clerk Typist

Chad H. Bennett, Ed.D, Director, Academic Success Program and Assistant Professor, Chair, Department of Academic Services

(Vacant), Academic Success Program Counselor

Curtis L. Spencer, M.S., Transition and Outreach Counselor

Judith P. Ferrell, Clerk Typist

Gwendolyn V. Durham, Ed.D., Academic Coordinator of the MLK Program

Timothy M. Ebersole, Ed.D., Coordinator, Academic Support Services for Student Athletes

College of Arts and Sciences

James H. Mike, Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

James A. Delle, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Jeanie M. Henry, Administrative Assistant

(Vacant), Administrative Assistant

DyAnna R. Stevens, Administrative Assistant

Angela K. Noreika, Clerk Typist

William G. Whiteley, M.F.A., Chair, Art and Design

Karen S. Reath, Clerk Typist

Todd M. Hurd, Ph.D., Chair, Biology

Joan M. Carson, Clerk Typist

Joseph W. Shane, Ph.D., Chair, Chemistry

Vickie M. Byers, Clerk Typist

Steven E. Allen, Stock Clerk

Kim D. Garris, Ph.D., Chair, Communication/Journalism

Francine C. Smith, Clerk Typist

Carol A. Wellington, Ph.D., Chair, Computer Science/Engineering

Jody L. Burdge, Clerk Typist

David E. Kalist, Ph.D., Chair, Economics

Laurie A. Stader, Clerk Typist

Shari L. Horner, Ph.D., Chair, English

Patricia A. Hooper, Clerk Typist

William L. Blewett, Ph.D., Chair, Geography/Earth Science

Tammy L. Myers, Clerk Typist

Steven B. Burg, Ph.D., Chair, History/Philosophy

Janice J. Reed, Clerk Typist

Kara A. Laskowski, Ph.D., Chair, Human Communication Studies

Bonnie G. Hemming, Clerk Typist

Kimberly J. Pressler, Ph.D., Chair, Mathematics

Nancy E. Thomas, Clerk Typist

Jose G. Ricardo-Osorio, Ph.D., Chair, Modern Languages

Janine F. Olah, Clerk Typist

Trever R. Famulare, M.S., Chair, Music/Theatre Arts

Karen S. Reath, Clerk Typist

Michael R. Cohen, Ph.D., Chair, Physics

Vickie M. Byers, Clerk Typist

C. Nielsen Brasher, Ph.D., Chair, Political Science

Laurie A. Stader, Clerk Typist

Lea T. Adams, Ph.D., Chair, Psychology

Victoria L. Morgan, Clerk Typist

Barbara J. Denison, Ph.D., Chair, Sociology/Anthropology

Lisa M. Dubbs, Clerk Typist

Allison C. Carey, Ph.D., Director, Disability Studies Minor

Ana N. Moraña, Ph.D., Director, Ethnic Studies Minor

J. Michael Pressler, Ph.D., Director, Interdisciplinary Arts Program

(Vacant), Director, International Studies Program

Rebecca J. Ward, Ph.D., Director, Women’s and Gender Studies Minor

David R. Long, Ph.D., Director, Health Sciences Programs

Michael E. Campbell, M.F.A., Director, Kauffman Gallery

Karin J. Bohleke, Ph.D., Director, SU Fashion Archives and Museum

Carla T. Kungl, Ph.D., Director, Technical/Professional Writing Minor

John L. Grove College of Business

John G. Kooti, Ph.D., Dean, John L. Grove College of Business

Debra K. Booz, B.S.Ed., Administrative Assistant

Anthony S. Winter, D.Ed., Associate Dean

Anita M. Weaver, B.S.B.A., Administrative Assistant

Anna-Maria Bruno, Clerk Typist

Robert D. Stephens, Ph.D., Director, MBA Program

Alix J. Rouby, M.B.A., Director of Business Internships and MBA Recruitment

(Vacant), Clerk Typist

J. Jay Mackie, Ph.D., Chair, Accounting and Management Information Systems

Kristina S. Commerer, Clerk Typist

Ian M. Langella, Ph.D., Chair, Finance and Supply Chain Management

Colleen A. McQueeney, Clerk Typist

William D. Oberman, Ph.D., Chair, Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship

Karen S. Kelley, Clerk Typist

Michael H. Unruh, Ed.D., Director, Small Business Development Center

Robin E. Burtner, M.A., M.B.A., Budget/Educational Programs Coordinator

Charles J. Haney, M.S., Environmental Consultant

Cheryl E. Young, B.S., Consulting Manager

College of Education and Human Services

James R. Johnson, Ph.D., Dean, College of Education and Human Services

Dawn R. Butts, B.S., Administrative Assistant

Nellie M. Cyr, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Katrina D. Myers, Administrative Assistant

Herbert L. Steffy, Ed.D., Director of Field Experiences and Partnerships

(Vacant), Administrative Assistant

Kurt L. Kraus, Ph.D., Chair, Counseling and College Student Personnel

Janice M. Allen, Clerk Typist

Melissa L. Ricketts, Ph.D., Chair, Criminal Justice

Bonnie G. Heming, Clerk Typist

Christopher L. Schwilk, Ph.D., Chair, Educational Leadership and Special Education

Cindy M. Poe, Clerk Typist

Russell E. Robinson, Ph.D., Chair, Exercise Science

Colleen A. McQueeney, Clerk Typist

Christopher T. Morton, MAJ, MPM, Chair, Professor of Military Science

Nathaniel K. Sebren, CPT, Assistant Professor of Military Science

Nicolas Ferloni, CPT, Assistant Professor of Military Science

Joseph J. Hasper, DMA, Enrollment Officer

William H. Lloyd, MAJ, Assistant Professor of Military Science

David S. Marino, SFC, Assistant Senior Military Science Instructor

Byron C. Stouffer, Human Resources Technician

Michael Sullivan, MSG, Senior Military Science Instructor

Rodney J. Oberbroekling, Supply Technician

Joseph J. Harper, D.M.A., Recruiting Operations Officer

Deborah F. Jacobs, Ph.D., Chair, Social Work/Gerontology

Dara P. Bourassa, Director, Gerontology Minor

Dottysue Ott, Clerk Stenographer

Christine A. Royce, Ed.D., Chair, Teacher Education

Danielle L. Surochak, Clerk Typist

Linda A. Butts, MSW, Director, Head Start Child Development Program

Steve F. Smith, M.Ed., Director, Grace B. Luhrs University Elementary School

Lisa J. Cline, Administrative Assistant

Brian M. Small, Ed.D., Director, Shippensburg University School Study Council

Student Affairs

Roger L. Serr, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs

Heidi R. Clark, B.S.B.A., Executive Assistant to the Vice President

David L. Lovett, Ed.D, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Brenda K. Carroll, A.A., Clerk Typist

Erin F. Kissinger, Clerk Typist

Donna K. Gross, M.S., Associate Dean/Director of Orientation

Barry K. McClanahan, M.A., Associate Dean/Director of Housing and Residence Life

William J. Yost, M.A., Associate Director for Housing and Residence Life Administration

Jason J. Barauskas, M.S., Assistant Director for Residential Education

Glenda A Cosby, M.A.T., Assistant Director of Residence Life

Jennifer S. Milburn, M.A., Assistant Director of Residence Life

Yvonne M. Shoop, B.S.B.A., Management Technician

Teresa Clevenger, A.A., Clerk Typist

Janet McKeithan-Janifer, M.A., Associate Dean/Director of Student Conduct

Robert E. Smith, M.Ed., Associate Dean/Director of Veterans Affairs

Mary S. Burnett, M.S., Associate Dean/Director of International Programs and Volunteer Services

(Vacant), Assistant Dean/Director of Fraternity/Sorority Life

April I. Ashway-Railing, Clerk Typist

Ann E. Wendle, Ph.D., Director of Connections Drugs/Alcohol Program

Stephanie M. Erdice, Director, Women’s Center

Katrina C. Howard, Management Technician

Philip W. Henry, Ph.D., Licensed Family Therapist; Director of Counseling Center

Michelle M. Olexa, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Counseling Services/Licensed Psychologist

Erica L. Diehl, Clerk Typist

Linda M. Chalk, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Tomoko K. Grabosky, Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselor

Christopher O. Carlton, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Cinda A. Liggon, M.D., Consulting Psychiatrist

Victoria M. Kerr, M.A., Director, Career and Community Engagement Center

Sarah A. McDowell, M.S., Assistant Director

Javita L. Thompson, M.S., Assistant Director of Community Engagement

Kimberly A. Rockwell, Secretary

Stacey Alcocer, Americorps VISTA

Sarah M. Shipp, Associate Director

Douglas R. Nichols, M.S., Director, Career Education

Diane L. Jefferson, M.A., Director, Multicultural Student Affairs

Kapri L. Brown, Assistant to Director

Cindy K. Dixon, Clerk Typist

Todd V. Peterson, M.D., Director, University Health and Emergency Services

Crissy E. Diehl, Clerk Typist

Adrienne L. Miller, R.N., Nurse Supervisor

Donna J. Forney, R.N., Registered Nurse

Kathleen Rundquist, R.N., Registered Nurse

Mary D. Shirley, R.N., Registered Nurse

Kimberly Spitler, R.N., Registered Nurse

Barbara H. Summers, R.N., Registered Nurse

Janice M. Bye, United Campus Minister

Roxanne M. Dennis, Catholic Campus Minister

Father Dwight Schaline, Catholic Campus Minister and Pastor, Our Lady of the Visitation Parish

Nick Iula, Director, Campus Dining Services

Jodi Conrad, Director of Catering

Cindy Emondi, Manager of Century Café

(Vacant), Catering Executive Chief

Trish Gamble, Starbucks Manager

John Gaughan, Director of Operations

Brooke Hall, Assistant Director of Retail Operations

Jerry Howerin, Campus Dining Executive Chef

Robert Hock, Director of Kriner Dining Hall

Brenda E. Kunkleman, Director of Retail Operations

Robert Kougher, Campus Dining Controller

Lindsey D. Schneck, Campus Director of Marketing

Gregg Thuemmel, Director of Reisner Dining Hall

Natasha Zettlemoyer, Assistant Director of Reisner Dining Hall

Marsha S. Bonn, M.A., Interim Director, University Union and Student Activities (CUB)

(Vacant), Associate Director for University Union Operations

Samuel L. Frushour, M.A., Interim Assistant Director for Campus Activities and Programming

Kelsey A. Roman, M.S., Interim Assistant Director for Student Group Services and Leadership Development

Elizabeth A. Yoder, Technical and Event Services Manager

Judy L. Newell, Information and Cora I. Grove Spiritual Center Coordinator

Connie S. Gruver, Administrative Assistant

Darrell L. Miller, M.B.A., SU Student Services, Inc., President/Fiscal Officer

Franklin T. Klink III, Accountant/Contract-Administrator

Mark F. Luther, MIS Manager

Dena R. Baer, Accounts Payable/Office Supervisor

Cindy L. Fraker, Payroll /Accounting Clerk

Deanna P. Statler, B.S.B.A., Accountant

Lisa J. Laughlin, Administrative Assistant, Student Services Inc.

Kevin R. McCarty, Manager, University Store

Marc R. Curwood, Assistant Store Manager

Alison M. Martin, B.S., Textbook Department Manager

Danielle M. Daughenbaugh, Clerk, Web Orders

Eric J. Smith, Shipping/Receiving Lead

Jeffrey A. Michaels, M.S., Director of Athletics

Carrie A. Michaels, M.S., Associate Director of Athletics/SWA

Ashley J. Grimm, M.B.A., Assistant Director of Athletics

Tammy A. Swope, Secretary

Wesley R. Mallicone, M.S., LAT, ATC, Director, Sports Medicine

Rebecca S. Fitz, M.S., LAT, ATC, NASM-PES, Associate Director, Sports Medicine

Miranda S. Fisher, M.S., LAT, ATC Assistant Director, Sports Medicine

Tanya L. Miller, M.S., LAT, ATC, NASM-PES, Assistant Director, Sports Medicine

Galen E. Piper, B.S., Director, Intramurals/Recreation and Coordinator of Facilities/Club Sports

Melissa P. Hazzard, Assistant Director, Recreation


Matthew S. Jones, B.S., Baseball

R. Christopher Fite, B.A., Men’s Basketball

Jaren G. Gembe, Assistant Men’s Basketball

Kristin K. Trn, B.S., Women’s Basketball

Jennifer L. Grassel, M.S., Assistant Women’s Basketball

Donna K. Gross, M.S., Cheerleading Advisor

Steven A. Spence, B.S., Cross Country/Assistant Track and Field

David M. Osanitsch, B.S., Track and Field/Assistant Cross Country

Bertie L. Landes, B.S., Field Hockey

Mark S. Maciejewski, M.S., Football

Janine F. Olah, Secretary

Michael C. Burket, M.E., Assistant Football

Peter J. Lee, B.S., Assistant Football

James C. Morgan, B.S., Assistant Football

Jeffrey R. Tomasetti, Assistant Football

Nicole Miller, B.S., Lacrosse

Jeremy J. Spering, M.S., Men’s Soccer/Assistant Women’s Soccer

Rob W. Fulton, M.Ed., Women’s Soccer/Assistant Men’s Soccer

Robert G. Brookens, Softball

Timothy P. Verge, M.Ed., Men’s and Women’s Swimming

Amanda E. Addlesberger, M.S., Women’s Tennis

Leanne R. Piscotty, B.S., Women’s Volleyball

Seth W. Bloomquist, M.S., Wrestling

Cindy E. Hosfelt, Stock Clerk

Kristopher W. Kullman, Stock Clerk

William E. Varner, Stock Clerk

Administration and Finance

(Vacant), Vice President for Administration and Finance

Heidi R. Clark, B.S.B.A., Executive Assistant to Vice President

Melinda D. Fawks, B.S., Associate Vice President, Administration and Finance

Sandra J. Corman, M.S., Clerk Stenographer

Deborah K. Martin, Director, Purchasing and Contracting

Mona M. Holtry, Assistant Director

Marnie L. LaBonte, B.S., Purchasing Agent

J. Gwyn McCleary, Purchasing Agent

(vacant), Purchasing Agent

Dawn M. Cutshall, B.S.B.A., Bursar

Merisa L. Harbaugh, B.S.B.A., Assistant Bursar

Brian L. Butzer, B.S., Accountant

Patricia A. Coldsmith, Fiscal Assistant

Stephanie M. Jones, B.S., Fiscal Assistant

Loni R. Myers, Fiscal Assistant

Georgia H. Taylor, Fiscal Assistant

(vacant), Fiscal Assistant

Margaret J. Thompson, CPA, M.S., Director, Accounting

Adria L. Long, B.S.B.A., Assistant Director

Denise E, Davidson, Fiscal Assistant

John R. Jones, B.S.B.A., Grant Accounting Manager

(Vacant), Fiscal Assistant

Mark Paul, B.S.B.A., Administrative Services Manager

Sophia A. Wagner, Clerk Typist

Carmen L. O’Donnell, Clerk Typist

Dennis L. Starliper, Clerical Supervisor

Michael D. Craig, B.S., Clerk

Wendy S. Stoops, Clerk

(Vacant), Clerk

(Vacant), Clerk

David A. Topper, Ed.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Nipa Browder, M.S., Assistant Director for Human Resources and Benefits Manager

Belinda B. Johnson, B.S.B.A., Payroll Manager

Robyn L. Lovett, Human Resources Office Manager

Deborah R. Mowers, A.A., Student Payroll Coordinator

Lisa L. Ronan, M.S., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Director, Employment and Classification

Kimberly E Shaffer. B.A., HR Transactions Coordinator

Cytha D. Grissom, M.S., Director, Public Safety/Chief of Police

Matthew R. Dominick, M.S., Environmental Health and Safety Manager

Thomas P. Rumberger, M.S., Assistant Director, Police/Investigator/Clery Compliance Office

Julie M. Brennan, A.A., Crime Prevention Specialist

Karl A. Schucholz, Criminal Investigator Specialist

Robert C. Wenerd, Criminal Investigator Specialist

Scott M. Bradnick, SGT Supvy

Bryan L. Ruth, B.S., SGT Supvy

Patrick A. Taylor, A.A., SGT Supvy

Stephanie A. Berger, Patrol Officer

Heather L. Bradnick, Patrol Officer

Michael J. Brennan Jr., Patrol Officer

Shawn G. Fraker, Patrol Officer

Matthew W. Hopkins, B.S., Patrol Officer

Daniel E. Johns, Patrol Officer

Leonard J. Lovejoy, A.A., Patrol Officer

Geoffrey T. Smith, A.A., Patrol Officer

Jeannette A. Chamberlain, Clerk Typist

J. Lance Bryson, M.S., PE, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management and Planning

William B. Lensie, B.S., Associate Director, Maintenance and Operations

Terry L. Starr, B.S., PE, Associate Director, Planning, Design and Construction

Bruce E. Herring, M.S., Assistant Director, Planning and Engineering

Eric B. Barr, Assistant Director, Construction Management

(vacant), Facilities Resources Manager

Justin R. Elbel, B.S., Assistant Facilities Resources Manager

Ann M. Kochenour, A.S., Architectural Designer

Cheryl A. Rotz, Clerk Typist

Angela M. Wingert, Clerk Typist

Matthew D. Shank, Automotive Mechanic Supervisor

Timothy L. Hull, Automotive Mechanic

C. William Jumper, Maintenance Foreman Carpentry

Richard L. Carson, Carpenter

Daniel P. Geyer, Carpenter

Ricky E. Group, Maintenance Repair

Shawn W. Martin, Maintenance Repair

Daniel K. Timmons, Maintenance Repair

Gary S. Harglerode, Locksmith

Roger S. Woltz, Locksmith

Robert J. Koch, Custodial Services Manager

Reginald G. Lindsey, Semi-Skilled Laborer

Roy E. Wiser, Painter Foreman, Painting/Moving Shop

Paul W. Besecker, Painter

Richard L. Horst, Semi-Skilled Laborer

Chester J. Jumper, Equipment Operator

Curtis L. Miller, Equipment Operator

Thomas A. Weaver, Painter

(Vacant), Assistant Director, Energy Management

John R. Tritt, Controls Management Technician

Garry E. Wall, Controls Management Technician

Ricky L. Hosfelt, Preventative Maintenance Supervisor

Shawn L. Rosenberry, Maintenance Repair

Randy R. Russell, Maintenance Repair

Jeryl S. George, Grounds Manager

John O. Gossert, Groundskeeper Supervisor

Jeanne M. Yohe, Groundskeeper Supervisor

Gerald L. Swanger, Semi-Skilled Laborer

Terry L. Dunlap, Equipment Operator

Joel L. Hosfelt, Equipment Operator

Bryan K. Kyner, Equipment Operator

Darrell E. McKenrick, Equipment Operator

Gregg W. Naylor, Equipment Operator

Lonnie E. Shaffer, Equipment Operator

Kevin L. Oakes, Maintenance Foreman, Electrical/Electronics

Richard L. Bittinger, Electrician

Art E. Crull, HV Electrician

Dustin L. Koser, Electrician

Jeffrey R. Henry, Electronics Technician

Chad W. Stevenson, Semi-Skilled Laborer

Paul E. Gutshall Jr., Maintenance Foreman, Mechanical Systems

Kayedon M. O’Neal, Refrigeration Mechanic

Roy F. Ryder, Plumber

Scott E. Stoops, Refrigeration Mechanic

Dominic Barbagallo, Maintenance Repair

Building Services

Matthew D. Varner, Maintenance Foreman, E and G Zone

Ralph D. Alleman, Maintenance Repair

Scott T. Moyer, Maintenance Repair

Curtis P. Oakes, Maintenance Repair

Ronald J. Shindledecker, Maintenance Repair

Justin R. Strickler, Maintenance Repair

Timothy L. Wingert, Maintenance Repair

Rex A. Henry, Maintenance Foreman, Auxiliaries Zone

Duite E. Ricker, Maintenance Repair

Robert D. Shoop, Maintenance Repair

Douglas E. Stepler, Maintenance Repair

Stephen J. Walters, Maintenance Repair

Larry P. Rotz, Maintenance Repair

(Vacant), Custodial Work Supervisor, Day Night

Cindy A. Geyer, Custodial Work Supervisor, Second Night

Adam J. Runshaw, Custodial Work Supervisor, Night Shift

Paul N. Aaron, Custodial Worker

Christina M. Barrick, Custodial Worker

Troy L. Bigler, Custodial Worker

William L. Bittinger, Custodial Worker

Jeffrey L. Callan, Custodial Worker

Karen L. Carey, Custodial Worker

Steven D. Carroll Jr., Custodial Worker

Gregory M. Coldsmith, BA, Custodial Worker

Donald L. Diehl, Custodial Worker

James, L. Epley, Custodial Worker

Andrew J. Fasnacht, Custodial Worker

Tonia L. Fasnacht, Custodial Worker

Tonya M. Green, Custodial Worker

Brian C. Hancock, Custodial Worker

Paula D. Hancock, Custodial Worker

Susan C. Harris, Custodial Worker

Barbara E. Hofe, Custodial Worker

Chad J. Keck, Custodial Worker

Donn A. Keck, Custodial Worker

Ray E. Keefer, Custodial Worker

Rocky L. Kelly, Custodial Worker

Gail A. Kunkleman, Custodial Worker

Kelly J. Kunkleman, Custodial Worker

Readith K. Lindsey, Custodial Worker

Brenda Lockhart, Custodial Worker

Donna L. Loy, Custodial Worker

Terrijo McLucas, Custodial Worker

Evelyn A. Melius, Custodial Worker

Karen M. Miley, Custodial Worker

Colleen D. Miller, Custodial Worker

Donna J. Miller, Custodial Worker

Ronald Miller, Custodial Worker

Thomas M. Myers, Custodial Worker

Tiffany R. Nay, Custodial Worker

Diane Osbaugh, Custodial Worker

Thomas M. Provins, Custodial Worker

Ginger M. Reed, Custodial Worker

Donna Riley, Custodial Worker

Vivian L. Riley, Custodial Worker

Christopher L. Smith, Custodial Worker

Penny L. Smith, Custodial Worker

Gary D. Spencer, Custodial Worker

John J. Spencer, Custodial Worker

Michelle R. Spencer, Custodial Worker

JoAnn E. Sprecher, Custodial Worker

Dale S. Stambaugh, Custodial Worker

Debra D. Stine, Custodial Worker

Lori A. Stine, Custodial Worker

Steven A. Trayer, Custodial Worker

Dottie L. Werner, Custodial Worker

Joanne Willis, Custodial Worker

Lloyd J. Willis, Custodial Worker

Kathy E. Witmer, Custodial Worker

Shippensburg University Foundation

John E. Clinton, M.A.Ed., President and CEO

Anne M. Detter, M.B.A., Director of Marketing and Campaign Management

Patti F. Savoulidis, B.A., Associate Director for Marketing for Campaign Management, Stewardship, and Event Planning

Edna Fenton, Special Assistant to the President and CEO

Kit S. Walizer, B.A., Director of Development

(Vacant), Annual Fund Director

(Vacant), Phonathon Coordinator

Sandra R. Jones, B.A., Development Secretary

Lani Longarzo, M.B.A., Director, Major Gifts

Linda L. Miller, M.Ed., Senior Major Gifts Officer

Kevin S. Bender, B.A., Director, Research

Scott D. Lux, B.A., Major Gifts Officer

Cindy Yeiser, B.S.B.A., Major Gifts Officer

Carol H. Rose, Major Gifts Secretary

Chrystal K. Miracle, M.B.A., CPA, Director, Finance and Administration and CFO

Matthew F. Cubbage, B.S., Network Administrator

Rhonda K. Horst, M.B.A., CPA, Controller

Diane L. Wenger, B.S.B.A., Coordinator, Gift Recording/Records and Office Manager

Michelle E. Boring, Coordinator, Student Housing

Samuel E. Wiser, Sr., Maintenance Supervisor

Virginia I. Shew, Assistant Maintenance Supervisor

Stephanie L. McCullough, M.Ed., Bartos Child and Family Center Program Director

Erin L. Rotz, M.Ed., Lead Preschool Teacher

Lisa M. Taylor, B.S.Ed., Assistant Preschool Teacher

Department Offices

Department Location Extension
Accounting and Management Information Systems Grove Hall 328 1436
Art and Design Huber Art Center 210 1530
Biology Franklin Science Center 142 1401
Chemistry Franklin Science Center 327 1629
Communication/Journalism Rowland Hall 108 1521
Computer Science and Engineering Mathematics and Computing Technologies Center 156 1178
Counseling and College Student Personnel Shippen Hall 123 1668
Criminal Justice Shippen Hall 321 1558
Economics Dauphin Humanities Center 127 1437
Educational Leadership and Special Education Shippen Hall 127 1591
English Dauphin Humanities Center 128 1495
Finance, Supply Chain Management Grove Hall 228 1434
Geography/Earth Science Shearer Hall 104 1685
Exercise Science Henderson 109 1721
History/Philosophy Dauphin Humanities Center 122 1621
Human Communication Studies Dauphin Humanities Center 112 1732
Management/Marketing/Entrepreneurship Grove Hall 224 1439
Mathematics Mathematics and Computing Technology Center 250 1431
Military Science Wright Hall 206 1782
Modern Languages Rowland Hall 109 1635
Music/Theatre Arts Performing Arts Center 220 1638
Physics Franklin Science Center 123 1570
Political Science Grove Hall 424 1718
Psychology Franklin Science Center 114 1657
Social Work/Gerontology Shippen Hall 335 1717
Sociology/Anthropology Grove Hall 428 1735
Teacher Education Shippen Hall 214 1688

Office hours are 8:00 a.m.- noon; 1:00-4:30 p.m. From off campus, dial 717-477-plus extension.